Mumma’s all natural baby wipes!

As promised; here’s my recipe for homemade baby wipes!


It’s so so super easy, all you’re going to need is;

  • 1 3/4 cooled boiler water {still slightly warm to help blend our oils}
  • 1 tablespoon organic certified, cool pressed,extra virgin Coconut oil
  • 4-6 drops each of Your choice of essential oils; try to stick to pure lavender, orange, and chamomile-either or all, avoiding tea tree and eucalyptus oils as they will dry out the skin and will be far too harsh on any nappy rash your Bub may get
  • 1 tablespoon grapeseed oil 
  • 1 paper towel 
  • 1 air tight container

That’s it! 

And the best thing is, the steps to make them are even easier than 1,2,3….4!

  1. Mix all of the water and oils together, be sure to aggitate for about 20 seconds to thoroughly mix all the oils!
  2. Cut the paper towel in half with a large knife, placing one half aside and the other in your chosen air tight container!
  3. Slowly and evenly pour all of the water and oils over the top of the paper towel, and pop the lid on the container!
  4. After 5-10 minutes remove the lid, and find the tongue of the centre and pull all of the cardboard out~this should reveal the very first inner sheet of the wipes ready for each and every use!


The best thing about these wipes {aside from how beautiful they smell and feel!!} is the fact that you will know exactly what you’re putting on yours or bubbas skin. There will never be a healthier wipe for your little ones tooshie, with organic coconut oil providing a gorgeous moisturiser, rebuilding and nourishing their delicate little skin, and an antibacterial element to ensure the highest level of hygiene , grapeseed oil for added moisture barrier to keep that nappy rash at bay, and your choice of essential oils to add a beautiful calming element to the air each nappy change. 

For us at home, these wipes are fantastic as a relief from the intense heat in the middle of the day, a quick nappy change and a lovely wipe over his hair! 

Might I also add Mr. 5 month’s hair has grown SO much since wiping it over with my wipes  not to mention any signs of cradle cap or oily patches have been gone since he has had his face and head washed with these honeys!

These homemade wipes have 100% become a staple in our household as a family and I would LOVE to hear how they’ve gone for you! 

The Mumma xx.

Fine Print.

Hey Honey’s!

After a long worrisome night with Mr.5 months coughing and sneezing in his sleep, its safe to say despite all my best efforts- he’s caught his first full on cold 😦 What do i do at home/give him {that isn’t absolutely riddled with parabons and nasties!} to make him better? After ALOT of research and a trip to my local Chemist warehouse, I am now fully equipt with the best homeopathic alternatives to take down this cold!

At no point in my life have I ever paid this much attention to what goes on, in and around my family. We only get one body, and we only get one go at this crazy world, so it seems fitting to do the best you can for yourself, right?

I guess today, I’m just trying to create some sense of urgency and challenge how layed back and desensitized we’ve all become with constantly exposing ourselves to unnecessary nasties {especially when the natural alternatives are so easy {and so damn goooooood}}

Since Mr.5 months was born we’ve taken a whole different view of the world as a family, our goal and drive is centre around doing everything the best you can, feeling the best you can, and being STRONG as a person~ physically and mentally. I’d literally never eaten a green vegetable in my life, and never really paid much attention to the products in and around our home- until the day we came home from hospital with this tiny thing that was 100% reliant on me to not only show him and teach him the best way, I realised I needed to be a better me for him too.

Down went that bowl of broccoli, no more dtore bought makeup, washing powder/detergents,  baby wipes, no more of anything that wasn’t exactly what it said it would be!

We’ve all looked at the ingredient on say a bottle of shampoo, or deodorant- I’ll be the first {of many :P} to admit I had absolutely no clue what any of it was- but you still do the laugh or the shrug at all the ridiculously long chemicals, and USE IT ANYWAY? Am I right?! You easily keep track of your food and your drink, so just try this out. Before you use your makeup, your shampoo, your deodorant, your baby wash, powder and wipes; everything! Write down each ‘ingredient’ of what exactly you’re putting on your or bubs skin- I guarantee you’ll give up writing them down half way through your first product. Okay, okay so there’s all these ridiculous ingredients that are in my foundation- how the hell is that affecting anything other than how many blackheads I’ll be up for tomorrow? IT’S SKIN! We all know that skin is the biggest organ in our body! {didn’t know that well now you do!} Our skin has so many jobs it’s ridiculous! {check out the links if your hungry for more information!} But the thing I’m focusing on here is the fact that anything, literally ANYTHING you put on your skin goes on journey through your whole body! That perfume you just sprayed on your wrists is already on the way via your blood bus, stopping by your lungs for some quality time, messing up your kidney PH levels etc etc. Until your poor liver has to clean up the mess. Pain is beauty? Maybe for your feet at the end of the night but our livers just don’t deserve this much pain for our beauty!

Let’s see what work is in store for your liver on an average day;

  • Body wash
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Moisturizer
  • Toothpaste
  • Mouthwash
  • Deodorant
  • Perfume
  • Numerous encounters with anti-bac hand wash
  • Your Breakfast, lunch and tea+snacks and drinks?
  • Makeup & perfume touch up
  • Detergent residue on your clothes, dishes, cups etc
  • Free fall air freshener residues
  • And for some alcohol and cigarettes
  • Car fumes
  • Cleaning products

Depending on your day, your liver can really take a hit. A lot of what I mentioned above are regular daily things! We need to wash ourselves and our clothing right? To make it easy, I HIGHLY recommend an app called SkinDeep~ it gives you a HUGE database to search SO many products, providing you with the health score and different ratings on the product and how it affects you- with a full list of ingredients of course!

I’m not going to sit here and braid my hair and join the pixies in the forest-I do shower, and I do wash my hair and my skin and hair is NOT dreadlocks {not that there’s anything wrong with dreads!}. So basically I can’t wait to share with you all of my natural life hacks and some of my favourite Mumma Hacks!

Keep your eyes on our new Instagram page ‘Memoirsofamumma’ for regular updates on more EASY natural substitutes to help  reduce your level of toxins in your every day life!

Coming right up; make easy as homemade baby wipes that keep your babies bottom as beautiful as they should be with just a few simple ingredients!!

The Mumma xx.

A bull a gate!

Hey Honey’s!

Like a bull at a gate, I am so ready to get this show on the road, but like a mother of  5 month old the need and want to sleep is slowly winning the battle!

Before I head off to catch up on some Z’s, I just needed to offload some of my excitement because I am just THAT proud of Mr. 5 months for making his first 5 months of exclusive breastfeeding! You did it my main man! Despite alot of trouble- i mean .ALOT. of trouble feeding because of upper lip and tongue ties, small mouth, short nipple, too bigger boob, early birth, yada yada yada, he had the works, BUT HES DONE IT. Today hes finally mastered his best ever latch to date! Never again will you find someone as excited as I am, about how much of a mouthful of boobie my son has. Its just so damn, satisfying knowing all that pain and hard work has finally paid off, and i know everyone’s probably going to be sitting there thinking someone please tell her to get over it babies breastfeed-its what they do. Well whatever, it was alot harder for alot longer for us and you cant rain on this parade! So proud of you kid! You go glen co co!!

Anyways, like i said before, there’s probably mums sitting there with their cool face on because it was ‘easy’ for them, but I’m just as sure that there is probably some mums out there who have or are going through what I have,

“Breastfeeding is the most natural thing anyone can do!”

Yes, breastfeeding is the most natural and single best thing you could ever do for your child for its entire life time, and its beautiful, and its incredible bonding and yada yada yada. Its like miscarriage. no one ever fucking talks about it? No one warns you that it could be harder than actually squeezing that child out of your womb. No one ever prepares you for the possible train wreck {your nipples} that lays ahead. from where I’m sitting now, yes its AMAZING. But back then I can proudly say~its fucking hard. And I aim to live in a society that not only normalizes breastfeeding, but normalizes the fact that you feel like you could probably die if you feed that child just one more time. But it is okay. It is worth it. It is going to get easier.

If you’re one of the lucky mums who have a champ of a boob or champ of a baby- KUDOS, but remember to pass some of that knowledge to another mumma who very well could be one feed away from picking up a bottle {formula-not wine, geez}. Maybe its just one thing you did that they aren’t quite getting, give your advice, your time and your shoulder, in the early stages all of us mothers get each other by~ not those ridiculous doctors or midwives or hopeless lactation consultants who haven’t even had a baby.

So enough of those warm fuzzies for tonight, get a good nights sleep tonight, and we’ll pick this back up tomorrow!

Be efficient with our time, love and energy!
The Mumma xx.

What’s to come from the Memoirs of a Mumma?!

I’d like to begin my {hopefully  long-living, and loved} series of memoirs with subject matter that is purely a documented list of goals and ambitions from my inner compass, ideally a blurb of what is in store for you as a reader {and myself as a learner}, what I would love to come from creating this blog, as well as where I would like to see it go!

                                                      “Seek, Learn, Deliver.”

My goals in life are simple and few~To seek, learn and deliver, short and sweet, but can be implemented into every single thing I do as a person, woman, partner, mother, sister, and daughter. So trending with my life goals, I cannot wait to bring you excitement, joy, laughter, knowledge, and emotion with everything we discuss. Importantly, as humans; we love to learn! As humans, it is also upon us to share the knowledge, empowering those around us, inspiring those around us, and encouraging those around us to do greater, to be better and to flourish~as humans! So that’s it really! The whole “we’re all in this together’ phrase is really where I’m going with this, and I just can’t wait to share with you all my new discoveries and stories!

As a mother of a 5 month old boy, there is undoubtedly going to be a consistent flow of information, stories, and rambling of rant worthy achievements{such as 5 MONTHS BREASTFEEDING!!!!!}, that are easily relating back to being a parent, but I want to strive to make everything discussed to be as relatable, and open ended as possible! As a person, I am and always have been someone to do things, well- differently. My parenting style is no different. Yes, I am one of your ‘natural birth, breast is best, wholistic mumbo-jumbo’ mothers. BUT you will not catch me being so far gone to bash those mothers who choose a different path- I’ll tell you my opinion, why that is my opinion, and if my discussion is the slightest bit coherent, I’ve got no doubt in my mind that you will leave the discussion agreeing…somewhat 😛 But seriously, do not take this as a formal page for bashings of any style of parenting~ that’s not what this is about. I will always do my best to back up and provide you direct sources of information in my blogs to help you on your journey to learn and discover~ that IS what this is about.

Aside from being a doting mother, myself and my partner are eager nutrition and well-being nuts~ your grass-fed, free-range, no added anything, weight training, meditating kind of guys. one word ‘Bulletproof’- ‘ll get to that in a blog soon to come {so watch this space!}. Aside from parenting, nutrition, and life-style peps, you’re bound to encounter some blogs relating to pretty much the world we live in, if you’re looking for a blog that’s pretty well rounded and seems to have just about everything all rolled into one? Well you’ve found it! Guidance and insight into just how terrible that liquid foundation is for your liver {and just about everything we put on our skin!}, or what on earth to do in your home to improve your quality of living {its as simple as changing a light bulb!}, and probably even a tale or two on how to cope with that little squirt of yours who just doesn’t even know what THEY actually want at that time of the morning? I can’t even think of what other crazy shenanigans we’re going to get up to in the coming posts but I can already tell its going to be a fun ride! So please share the knowledge with your friends and share my blog~ I’m aiming as we grow to introduce an Instagram and Facebook page just for you Memoirs of a Mumma fans!

Please feel free to let me know at any point if you want to hear anything in particular? Or if you ever need help with anything, no matter how far off topic you think it could be, I’ll do my best to look into the situation and give an honest response on how I would go about it 🙂

Thanks so much, and here we go!

The Mumma xx.

Birth of a Blog.

Birth of a Blog! MARCH 10, 2015 ~ KIRSHADULCIEANNE ~ EDIT Hey there honeys!! Mr. 5 months!So today while Mr. 5 months was napping! I finally decided to make the move and create a blog! After encouragement from my brother following an intense conversation surrounding the endless directions and styles of living and parenting, current and past experiences as a person and parent, as well as the daily confrontations as a person choosing to live and parent in an against the grain style-here it goes!

Ever since we had been trying to conceive our son, I had always loved surrounding myself with endless amounts of information, from other mummas as well as those of a medical background! As our son was born I quickly discovered just how much information there was out there, and that absolutely everyone. Everyone. Yes everyone, is right. Needless to say I quickly found out just how vital that good old ‘mothers instinct’ (if there is even such a thing!) was to not only raising our son the best I could, but also making sure our lifestyle as a family unit was as supportive, nurturing and sustainable for myself, partner and baby! I am so excited to devote my spare time and love into this blog to encourage, empower and inspire you all to be the best possible person you can be. Whether you’re a man or a woman, a single, a couple, or a family/soon to be family (congratulations!!!!!) aswell, I endevour to make each discovery I share as exciting, enlightening and relatable as possible- we only get one shot at this so let’s be efficient with our time, love and energy! The Mumma! Xx.